Access to healthcare is critical to our community. We’re living in a state of crisis when it comes to emergency care access in rural parts of District 36. Some counties have too few ambulances, overwhelming our emergency response professionals. It’s unacceptable that patients are often transported to larger hospitals outside our district. We need to direct federal money and grants to bolster rural healthcare providers in District 36. We need to improve our public healthcare to focus on healing people, not promoting profits.

Home Nurse Examining Patient

Disaster Relief

Hurricane Harvey. Tropical Storm Imelda. The people of District 36 are resilient, but we shouldn’t have to do it alone. We’ve seen the toll these disasters take on our infrastructure and our lives. We need federal recovery response that is comprehensive, forward-looking, and honors the perseverance of our communities.


We need to prepare for the future by coordinating with state and local authorities to improve emergency response, mitigate the effect of flooding, and fund long-term rebuilding. A federal disaster recovery plan is necessary not only for the safety and welfare of our community, but for the economic future of our district.

Union Jobs 

We are in an employment crisis, and it is time we rebuild our job market for the future. Our District is filled with highly motivated and skilled workers. But the issue is that automation and changing market dynamics have reduced some of the jobs we were accustomed to seeing for years.

My plan is to work with my Democratic colleagues, and across the aisle, to finally pass legislation to modernize America’s infrastructure. This modernization will harness the power of technology and the green economy to boost good quality union-jobs in our District and all over the country. We must work with the businesses in District to re-train workers and position ourselves to benefit from the next generation economy.

Criminal Justice Reform

I believe we need to reimagine the notion of public safety, but I do not support defunding our police departments. We must reform police department hiring procedures and how they conduct training for their personnel. I have proposed several criminal justice reforms that aim to protect suspects and reduce the militarization of local police departments. I have officially announced my support for:

  • Federal Mandate Requiring Police Body Cameras

  • End the Transfer of Military Surplus Equipment to Local Law Enforcement Agencies

  • Nationwide Reform of the Bail System

  • Establishment of a National Law Enforcement Grading Program


Rural education needs to be re imagined. We must provide more resources to our K-12 schools so that our children are prepared for the increasingly rigorous college admission requirements. We must also ensure that our schools have the resources to properly fund important programs such as art, sports, and after school care.  

I will support calls to provide free community college on a national level. I believe that community colleges will play a major role in helping our students prepare themselves for the next generation economy. I our community colleges need to partner with businesses to train students for good-paying vocational careers throughout our District.

Women's Rights

I support a woman’s right to choose. Our campaign will support legislation to improve and expand access to reproductive healthcare both in our District and across the country. In Congress, I will fight to codify the ruling of Roe V. Wade through legislation - so that no partisan court can overturn this fundamental right.

If elected, I will work to address America’s staggeringly high maternal mortality rate. There is no reason that our country should lead the industrialized world in this heartbreaking category. I believe that we must provide more affordable and better-quality healthcare to all women, particularly mothers.

Rural Connectivity

Many of us take the internet for granted. Yet, access to affordable high-speed internet is impossible for over 20 million Americans. Rural areas are the hardest hit, as communications companies elect not to invest in costly rural infrastructure.

Covid-19 has demonstrated that our modern way of living requires access to the internet. Children who are home from school need access to their online education courses. Single parents making their way through online higher education programs. Small businesses require the internet to participate in the modern economy and innovate for the economy of tomorrow. In Congress, I will fight to direct resources towards guaranteeing that every American has access to affordable high-speed internet.

LGBTQ+ Rights

Y’all means all. The LGBTQ+ community faces significant challenges in rural communities and if elected I will work to enhance funding for educational and community programs specifically for LGBTQ+ youth. One more child suicide is too many – we must love and protect our children, no matter their sexual orientation.

Environmental Protection

We must protect the environment for the next generation. Climate Change has the potential to increase the frequency and severity of storms that hit our community. The economic toll of the increased damage must be avoided. 

I call on Congress to pass a cap & trade program that, through a marketplace, encourages reductions in carbon emissions. I will also call on the U.S. to rejoin the Paris Climate Agreement. 

Term Limits

I support reasonable Congressional term-limits. If we want representative leadership in Washington, D.C. we must limit how many terms a member can serve. No one person should be able to accumulate the power that can be derived from many decades of Congressional tenure.