Rashad Lewis Statement on Death of George Floyd and Proposed Criminal Justice Reforms

Updated: Jul 22, 2020

Rashad Lewis is the Democratic nominee for the U.S. House of Representatives, Texas District 36. He is a former council member in the City of Jasper. Rashad is the son of a pastor and is committed to upholding the values of faith and family while speaking out for marginalized communities and those in need.

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“With little Leadership from Washington, It’s Time to Focus on What’s Next.”

Jasper, TX — Next week, I will be attending George Floyd’s funeral in Houston, Texas. I want to assure his family and America that the issue of systemic racism in this country will not be laid to rest so soon. The protests in the streets of this country represent generations of shared trauma and we, as a country, must take action.

It is incumbent upon all local leaders to not just stand in solidarity with communities of color, but to use their platform to push for progress. Being a black man in Eastern Texas, I have seen some of the same instituional discrimination that, unfortunately, binds our community together through a shared experience.

It is time we address these structural inequities and demand reform.

Today. I am announcing my support for a series of reforms that aim to bring about faith in our institutions:

● Federal Mandate Requiring Police Body Cameras

I support a mandate that requires all law enforcement nationwide adopt and utilize body cameras for all local, state, and federal law enforcement, including Customs and Border Patrol agents.

● End the Transfer of Military Surplus Equipment to Law Enforcement Agencies

My office will work to end the transfer of military surplus equipment to any local law enforcement agency for civilian use. We must demilitarize our policing force in the United States.

● Nationwide Reform of Bail System

I will work to end the cash bail system in the United States which disproportionately affects low-income communities and minorities and has propagated a predatory lending industry.

● Establishment of a National Law Enforcement Grading Program

Just as children are mandated to take comprehensive standardized testing in schools, I will call upon Congress to require a thorough grading system for all local, state, and federal law enforcement agencies.

These reforms, however, are only the beginning of an effort to build faith in our criminal justice system. They aim to prevent misconduct and provide assurance to not just minorities but all those that encounter law enforcement this Saturday, June 6th at 10 A.M. Our campaign will be organizing a peaceful march for District 36 in

Jasper, TX at 760 S. Wheeler St. This march will honor the life of George Floyd and the countless individuals lost in the hands of law enforcement. We will also commemorate the anniversary of the death of James Byrd Jr., who was brutally murdered in Jasper, TX in 1998 by white supremacists.

Please join us as our community demands change.

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